New Product Generation

New Product Generation

Metronor is pleased to present its new generation of portable 3D coordinate measurement solutions. From a new design to using the latest technologies – many changes have been made to improve the experience of using Metronor measurement equipment.



Keeping the same core technology concept, our systems are more flexible and adaptable than ever before:

  1. Optimized product lines (One, SOLO and DUO), making it very simple to extend and upgrade as your business needs change
  2. More software options have been made available
  3. Using Metronor solutions with third-party software is now even easier
  4. The new generation of systems strengthens our leading position on providing measurable value in applications such as casting, forging, piping and shipbuilding, among others. Visit our Solutions area and learn more.

Can you imagine going from an articulated arm to a large volume cantilever CMM by just adding an extra camera to your existing system?

Metronor upgrade SOLO to DUOWith Metronor systems, increasing accuracy and measurement volume is as easy as adding a new camera. There’s no need to buy a completely new solution every time your needs change.

Our unique one-camera concept is a true differentiator from our competitors, providing an extremely cost-effective way of taking your company to the next level. Just upgrade from a SOLO to a DUO for larger reach, or extend your two-camera DUO system into two separate SOLO systems that can be used independently (DUET).


Some of the new features:

  • New generation camera to take even more measurements per second
  • New carbon fiber structure of Lightpen – for better handling and increased functionality
  • Different options for the handle of the Lightpen to adapt it to your specific needs
  • Well protected, strong light-emitting active LEDs
  • Rechargeable, long-life integrated power pack
  • Wifi link – making our Lightpen truly cable-free
  • Bumpers on Lightpen so that the system survives even the roughest handling
  • New generation of cables and connectors, improving efficiency and set-up time
  • High modularity
  • Now also ready to run on Windows 10

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