Metronor Two

The new Metronor Two combines accuracy, affordability and ease-of-use like no other portable measurement system – providing the accuracy required to efficiently verify tight tolerance parts on the shop floor, in the production line, or even at the supplier’s or customer’s sites.

The wireless, light-weight probe provides unrivalled operator comfort also during long measurement sessions, and with a cubic measurement volume with sides of 2.5m length, it is easy to position even large parts for measurement.

System set-up is fast and easy, and operator training is largely limited to learning the selected measurement software – EVO Light is standard, but you can get others as an option.

Having no moving parts, the carbon fiber probe and the solid-state camera ensure precision you can trust also over time – even when regularly used in tough, industrial environments. With no need for scheduled re-calibration, there will not be downtime unless the equipment is severely mistreated.

Metronor Two comes as a complete system with all you need included in the rollaway, watertight case – plus there is a range of options available to tailor the system to your requirements, as well as upgrades should your needs change in the future.


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Applications include:

  • Prototyping
  • Tool and die inspection
  • Tube & pipe measurement
  • In-process inspection
  • On-machine inspection
  • Fixture inspection
  • As-built documentation
  • Assembly alignment
  • Tool building
  • Reverse engineering



  • Superior, true accuracy of
    (20 + L ⁄ 70 )µm U95,
    e.g. 27µm for a 500mm part
    or 49µm for a 2m part
  • Inexpensive to buy and operate
  • Measurement volume of 15m3
    for parts up to 2.5m
  • Exceptionally easy to use
  • Bring the PCMM to the object, not vice-versa
  • Two Metronor Cameras with signal & power/sync cables
  • Two Metronor One Tripods with Pan/tilt Head
  • LP86 Lightpen with WIFi communication and re-chargeable Li-Ion battery
  • LP86 Lightpen comes with spare Li-Ion battery and battery charger
  • Small probe kit with calibration tool
  • Interface Unit IU2
  • Reference bar RB66
  • Laptop computer for Two
  • Metronor Metrolog EVO /optional software, Metronor System SW (MSS) as well as a Metronor One technology license
  • Required system and power cables
  • Watertight rollaway transportation case with operate-out-of-case funcionality


Performance Specifications
Measurement Volume 15 m3 552 ft3
Accuracy U95 distance measurement accuracy +/- (0.02 + L/70000) mm
Examples of 3D length accuracy
L refers to part size
±27 μm (L = 500 mm)
±34 μm (L = 1 m)
±49 μm (L = 2 m)
±63 μm (L = 3 m)


Hadware Specifications
Environment Operating Temperature 10 to 45˚C (50 to 113˚F)
Storage Temperature -25 to 65˚C (-13 to 150˚F)
Operating Humidity < 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Pressure, Humidity, Temperature No effect on measurement accuracy
Vibration Stability Control (option) 0 – 100 Hz, < 3 mm amplitude
No warm-up
Electrical Power Auto switching 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
(Battery operation optional)