A complete, portable 3d metrology solution

Imagine a new level of scanning performance and convenience – portable and large-volume, fast and sticker-free, easy-to-use yet highly accurate. That is TrackScan.

Simply aim the navigation camera at the object and start capturing data in full freedom of scanner orientation. No stickers, no preparation, just results – in minimal time.

Whether you work in automotive, aerospace, machining, 3D Printing or education & research, TrackScan can boost your production process time and effectiveness.

Main product features:

  • No stickers – just aim and scan
  • Large measurement volume
  • Scans fragile objects and surfaces
  • Easy to use, minimal training cost
  • Portable CMM functionality

Watch TrackScan in action:

Tailored for your scanning needs, Metronor Trackscan comes in two variations:

TrackScan SOLO and TrackScan DUO. See the tabs below for more information on each of the available options.

And for the more demanding customers, it is possible to maximize your return-on-investment by having your system double as a state-of-the art, portable, large-volume precision CMM. By adding a SOLO Probe to your TrackScan  or a DUO with a probing package and CMM software, it can provide portable measurement to 0.02mm accuracy.


Metronor TrackScan SOLO

Immediate scanning – simply aim the navigation camera at the object and start capturing data. No stickers, no preparation, just results in minimal time. TrackScan SOLO uses a single navigation camera and an extremely lightweight scanner for fast results.

It also has a tracker unit that secures full freedom of scanner orientation, making it ideal for more complex geometries, as it avoids having to reposition the navigation camera. Very easy to operate, TrackScan SOLO delivers sticker-free scan data – also on fragile objects and sensitive surfaces.

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Metronor TrackScan DUOThe ultimate solution combining the highest accuracy with full freedom of scanner orientation, TrackScan DUO is the top-of-the line solution for the most challenging scanning tasks. Scanning is just as quick and easy as with TrackScan SOLO, and results are very precise – benefitting from Metronor’s renowned measurement accuracy and ensuring the best results that can be achieved by a handheld system.

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